Jeffrey Lynn Johnson

August 19, 1942 - November 28, 2019

In Loving Memory

My deepest condolences on the loss of a great man. Jeffrey was always here to help everyone with anything. When I moved in next door to Aunt Julie & Jeffrey he was always running errands to get things that the house needed. He didn't stop there he changed all the light bulbs, hung the blinds and so many other things. If there was an emergency in the family he was the first one to the hospital while the rest of us tried to pull ourselves together. Jeffrey also kept us laughing a wonderful gift he was blessed with. I really miss Jeffrey and I know Julie and all of his family miss him dearly. I hope remembering Jeffreys life and all of his accomplishments, his big heart and funny humor will help everyone to grieve a little easier. God speed to you Jeffrey keep em laughing! Chris
Christine Gracie
midvale, UT
Julie, We’re so sorry for your loss. The world lost one of the good ones with Jeffrey’s passing. He was a true old school gentleman. As others have expressed, Jeffrey was gracious, loyal, kind & considerate. He went out of his way to make people feel included & welcome. I enjoyed swapping military war stories with Jeff, when you hosted us for dinner at your place years ago. And of course, with your help he put on an exquisite feast that night. Always the consummate host. The Holidays feel a little more empty without Jeff. Best to you & the Johnson family. Love, Dave & Alice Madsen
David & Alice Madsen
salt lake city, UT
We are so grateful for the happy memories shared with Jeff and Julie over all the years. Great conversations, sharing stories and updates on their travels, amazement at our wonderful boys and grandchildren and many life adventures. Jeff is missed and remembered with pride and affection. Rest in Peace, Jeffrey! Gael Duffy Hill and Tom Hill
Gael Duffy Hill
Jeff was my sister, Gael's, husband. He was a gentleman, a great host, a good dad, and a music afficianado. He introduced me to Chloe Laine and Ferrante and Teischer. I remember his classy 'ice cream' suits. I believe the style came from The Great Gatsby with Robert Redford. His Don Quixote quiche was the best ever; the secret to mellow the cheese was a chicken broth reduction sauce! Jeff and I bonded over Classical 89.1. We were so glad the station continued the classical format, we texted each other to vote! Jeff was loyal and true. He will be missed by his boys and his family. Best to you, Julie.
Jody Brings
I have very fond memories of Jeff who always had a smile and was an impeccable host. His restaurant Don Quixote holds many memories. He put together a very nice wedding dinner for me at Deveraux House back in the eighties. I always considered him a friend and was so happy to see him at Mary Duffy’s Celebration of Life. I’m sorry for his loss and my thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Anne Harte
slc, UT
Julie: I just posted a photo, but could not find a way to caption it. The photo was taken in 1966 at the Neckar River near Heidelberg, Germany, when we were on a picnic with him.
Ronald Borg
salt lake city, UT
Dear Julie: It was a deep shock to see Jeffrey's obituary in the paper today. Just three days ago my wife and I were speaking fondly of Jeffrey with friends who also knew some of the Johnson family. Though I have never met you, I have kept in touch with Jeffrey for over 65 years. Jeffrey and I met in sixth grade at Hillside Junior High in 1953, and then we both moved to Highland High for grades 8 through 12. After that both he and I earned degrees in the College of Business at the U of U, went through ROTC together, including Summer Camp at Ft. Lewis, Washington, and then we were stationed about 50 miles apart in Germany. I saw Jeffrey several times during our service in Germany, and then on many occasions in Salt Lake City after moving back to Salt Lake City in 1975. Jeffrey and I had lunch together about three years ago, and were speaking about doing that again "soon." Now it is too late. I have many, many fond memories of times with Jeffrey in family homes in St. Mary's, Lamplighter Square, and at Quail Run, and on double-dates in our high school and college years. I shall truly miss Jeffrey, but am comforted with so many fond memories of our times together. I hope your fond memories are even longer and stronger, and I know you will miss him terribly. With love, Ron Borg
Ronald Borg
salt lake city, UT
Julie- I’m sorry for your loss. I spent quite a bit of time with Jeff years ago in the 1970’s when he was married to my best friend, Gael. I also worked for him at Don Quixote restaurant during that time. Jeff was always kind, steady and knew the right thing to too often when there was chaos around him. I recently saw him at Mary Duffy’s Celebration of Life with his sons, Jason and Patrick and his grandchildren, Leonardo and Stella. I’m so glad I was able to speak to him then to catch up. Our thoughts and prayers are with he and his family at this time. Sharon Donovan
Sharon Donovan
salt lake city, UT
Jeffrey was a wonderful host. He created a terrific wedding party for us decades ago at Don Quixote — and made it all look so easy. He was a loyal, gracious man. Love to his partner and his family.
Kim and Hank Duffy
salt lake, UT
Juile. I am so very sorry about Jeff. He was a sweet man. Please know I am thinking of you and his family. Robyn Rudy
Robyn Eliason
salt lake city , UT