Jeremy Douglas Horejs

October 24, 1974 - December 16, 2019

In Loving Memory

I only knew Jeremy for a short time when we worked at Chuck E Cheese together he was the cutest game technician (they would fix the skeeball machines) I had a huge crush and we shared October birthdays and would joke about it. This makes me so sad and having just found out. My deepest condolences go out to you and your family.
Margo Ruiz
west valley , UT
Oh Jeremy, rest in peace, we are so saddened. God keep you.
Mark and Evangelina Neuman
salt lake city, UT
Hello Jeremy . Wherever you are, God has mercy and it hurt me to know that you are no longer with us, I don't know how to explain the pain of the game. I would like to give you a brother's hug. God bless you and keep waiting for the Lord's return. Amen
Alejandro sandoval
west valley , UT
Jeremy was a true friend in every sense of the word! So many cherished memories came flooding back when I heard of his passing. Junior high school years can be brutal for most was easier for me because of Jeremy's kindness & steady influence. Scouting at Maple Dell and Bear Lake were too much fun. Jeremy had a great sense of humor, even in our most awkward youth experiences. Playing ping pong in Theron's basement was always a blast...we had some serious ping pong battles. Basketball sport court battles at the Taylor's were better when you were on Jeremy's team (he seemed to always be on the winning team). Searching for golf balls with our bare feet in the muddy pond near his house on 48th was an adventure, especially when the cornered carp swam through our legs. Playing the video game Contra for hours at Jared's house was epoch. I can't forget the times we would take the UTA bus from Murray to SLC to play racquetball at the Deseret Gym. As long as Jeremy was with us, I knew we wouldn't take the wrong bus. Jeremy was my loyal buddy and friend and I know I will see him again, thanks to our loving Savior! My heartfelt condolences and prayers go to his wife and family as they navigate this difficult time!
Jason Despain
fillmore, UT
Jeremy has branded on my heart and soul a gratitude for the gift we have of sharing our deepest selves with each other, both the dark and the light. He has taught me in a way that I would not have chosen, but that I will not forget, to never take for granted the gift that someone unveiling their soul, truly is. My connection to him continues even stronger than it was in the physical realm. I feel his presence always with me. Knowing him in life was to feel his love and watch him, feverishly at times, do whatever it took to be a successful man, husband, father, son, brother and friend. There was no other option for Jeremy than success. Knowing him in death, his message to me penetrates my soul even deeper. He continues to teach me that life is busy and we all have, and get stuck in our own shit, and it’s okay, we can forgive ourselves. But, no matter what we must learn to choose love at all costs, trusting ourselves, opening our minds to more options than we can see in the present moment and remembering that every single one of us is "fucking amazing"! Thank you brother… you make me smile (and cry... and it’s perfect)… I love you forever...
Wendy Beth
slc, UT
My heart is broken...This amazing man will be missed by so MANY! I met Jeremy Horejs and his beautiful wife at a soul transformation program where I witnessed this man's HUGE heart, spirit, Love for all and most of all love for his wife Vanessa Noble. He became my soul brother, the BIG brother I never had. He gave me hope that there are still good men in the world. The type of man you hope to fall in love with someday...kind, strong, trustworthy, a ROCK, a spiritual GIANT and HERO not just to me but for MANY! A good reminder to be kind to all because we never know how close to the edge someone can be, even a Rock like Jeremy. He was there for everyone else, I only wish he would have reached out and let others help him. A good lesson for us all: reach out when we are struggling and be there for others when they are struggling. After all, we are all soul brothers and sisters. I love you Vanessa, Jeremy, Luxly, Tiffany and Family. My heart is with you. -Renee Shaw
Renee Shaw
salt lake city, UT
Jeremy such a sincere and genuine friend. He had a way to bring out the best in other people. Jeremy had this bright smile that was contagious. He will be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to his family and his children.
Jeremy and Silvia Vigil
I have a most beautiful picture of Jeremy when he was 2. He had blond curly hair and was an adorable little boy who grew into a kind hearted good man. He's like his dad always ready to lend a hand and help a brother. Jeremy will be missed. He is loved.
Paula Skidmore
indianapolis , IN
Jeremy did not seem to get distracted by people's "nonsense." He had a gift of seeing right through to the heart, soul, and highest self of a person and loving you from that space. He was universally loved, and I truly believe he found a way to love every single person he met. He walked with the ascended masters and lived an exemplary life. He won't just be missed. He is someone you don't really ever get over. He lives on in our hearts, but part of us will always wish he had stayed with us just a little bit longer.
Elisa Wyatt
bountiful, UT
Vanessa I am so sorry for your loss. The love you have for each other is tangible in the photos and video; clearly he is an exceptional human. My heart is with you.
Dana Baptiste
Our love and prayers go out to all who knew and loved Jeremy, and especially Venessa and all the children and family. We did not know him well, but our impression of him was lasting as a good father and husband. It sounds like Venessa and Jeremy had a unique and loving relationship. All the joy does not make up for the lose, but love will live on in your hearts, God bless and help you to be at peace, as he surely is now. Love , Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jack.
Sandra and Jack Noble
So very sorry to hear of your loss. Jeremy was a good man and a fierce friend to all who knew him. May he Rest In Peace.
Michael Goleniewski
sandy, UT
I met Jeremy several years ago. Since then we've spent a lot of time traveling around the state camping, golfing, skiing, boating and hanging out. It's been some of the best times of my life. He's such a great guy to be around, always positive always happy and that's what I'll miss the most about him. The positive, friendly vibe he passed along to everyone around him. The last time we were together, he shared his feelings of how much he cared for and loved his family and I'm happy to have that as my final memory of him. I believe there is an afterlife and that our friendship will continue from there. Love you Jer, thanks for the good times and great memories.
Ryan Brinton
riverton, UT
Jeremy was a wonderful friend and neighbor. I will miss seeing him drive up and down the street, waving to me every time he drove past. He always had a big smile and kind word. My family and I truly loved him and thought of him as a dear friend. You were definitely a light in the neighborhood and you will be missed immensely. ��
Kris Singletary
salt lake city , UT
All my love for your family. We will miss Jeremy and the impact he had on everyone who met him. He was such a wonderful husband and father!
Amanda Sutton
salt lake , UT