Keegan Charles Smith

August 24, 2004 - October 6, 2020

In Loving Memory

I have been so heartbroken since hearing the news. Liz and crew...I love your family with all my heart, and so sorry for your loss. May we all be like Keegan and learn to love and show compassion like he did! Love always! ����
Shauna Coleman
midvale, UT
I did not have the honor of meeting your son, as we are new to City Academy, but your tribute is beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss.
Debbie Eckert
salt lake city, UT
Dear Liz and Family, my heartfelt condolences on the loss of Keegan. His tribute gives wonderful insight into what an amazing young man he has been. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Deryse South Africa
deryse van aardt
Our hearts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Your family was so very welcoming to us when we moved to Utah in 2004 and joined the St Thomas More family. There can be nothing more painful than losing a child. Love from all of us. Diana Yandell and Susan & Clay Jones
Diana Yandell
sandy, UT
Liz and family, it is never easy to lose a child, I know that personally. Know that he is at peace and happy while you and everyone is sad and sorrowful. We are all here for you. I can only tell you that the hole in your heart will always be there but the pain does lessen. Know that his spirit is with you all. Look for that special occurrence, something that is a special representation of Keegan. God Bless and keep you all in His heart.
Joan Camarro Simard
salt lake city, UT
Dear Brian and Elizabeth, how deeply effected we are by Keegan's passing. Handsome, bright, witty, radiant, giving... we know your pain. Too much so. Our own son, Michael, though several years older, left us 12 years ago. Your pain is our pain. And we know there are no words, as we learn early on. Still, in many ways, Keegan was our Michael. Giving. loving, engaging, creative, faithful, a true child of God. With us for an eternity. While physically we will be in Anacortes on the day of Keegan's funeral, know that we will be there, also. In the sea of upturned, tear-streaked faces, ours will be among them. We embrace you, we love you, we stand with you, in our hearts and mind always. As we celebrate the brief but glorious life of your child. George and Jane Starks
George Starks
anacortes, WA
A real tragedy. He barely began to spread his wings. You’re all in our hearts and prayers and we join you in your sorrow. May his soul rest in peace and his memory live on.
Rich & Joyce Laniewski
sandy, UT
Elizabeth and family, words cannot express the deep sadness that Keegan’s passing has caused for so many. Although I never officially met him, I feel like I know him thanks to the lovely tribute written about him. God bless you all as you navigate the days ahead. His suffering is over, take comfort in knowing Christ heals all pains! Love and comfort to all!
Kristina McAfee
kearns, UT
Our hearts are broken. Please know how much we love the entire Kirts family and how sorry we are for your loss of dear Keegan. ‘Sweet Caroline’ will never have the same meaning, we will think of him now when we hear it. Prayers are coming full force from us to your whole family! Much love and hugs to all, Margie and Bob Petersen
Margie and Bob Petersen
taylorsville , UT
To Kate and family, This beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Keegan expresses his kind and loving personality, and your unconditional love for him. My heart is heavy with sadness and I wish all of you a measure of peace as you readjust to this inconceivable loss in your life. With love, Carol
Carol Kostakos Petranek
silver spring, MD
What a wonderful tribute. He is loved! I wish the world could have seen him shine for 100 years...16 will have to do! All my love to the Kirts and Smiths.
Dawnell Keller
sandy, UT
What a wonderful tribute. Prayers for your while family. If you need anything at all please have Patti contact me.
Raylene Hallman
taylorsville, UT
Remembering this lively amazing young man who will be missed by his family and friends.
Vonda Gates
ringgold, GA