Michele Brown-Riding

October 5, 1952 - June 22, 2021

In Loving Memory

To the family of Michele

i was sorry to hear of Michele's death. I haven't seen her since our high school days at St Mary's & Judge but have fond memories of cheerleading together and watching her perform in the Nutcracker. She was a lovely person & will be missed.

Kristin Razzeca

Kristin Razzeca
san francisco, CA

Sorry to hear of your loss. I didn't know Michele only the nice things said. I watched her video and could see the wonderful life you had with her. I don't want to be sappy so all I can say is these moments in life really suck.

Sandra McKinley
enfield, ns,

Dear Michael and family,

My deepest,heartfelt condolences to you all. Michele was a special light and energy that brought happiness to so many friends and family. Life just isn't fair. You had such a short time together but it was such a wonderful time together. Keep those memories in your heart and be thankful for the time you had.Sending my love and my prayers for you Michael and the family,



Patricia Cunningham
halifax, NS

I will always remember Michele as a vibrant youthful woman who loved dance -- her visits were a delight, and her community impact immense.

May your beautiful loving memories carry you through this transition.

With warmth and love,

Karen Sauer

Karen Sauer
ashland, OR

Dear Michael, Marcie, Amanda (Dave), Justin (Carolyn) and her precious grandchildren:


It’s with inexplicable sadness that I am writing this message.  In the nearly thirty-five years that Sonja and I have been together, I can’t think of a time that Michele wasn’t somehow involved in our lives. Client and dear friend to both Sonja and I, Michele is one of those few people in life who really have an impact.


Whether it was as simple as our movie/dinner club, work as Olympic volunteers, countless hours of looking for and negotiating real estate purchases, or just time well spent together, we are saddened to think of a world without her in it.


No matter where she was, whether Canada, Oregon or Salt Lake, we always found a way to stay in touch.  Much to her credit, she was the last to contact us to let us know she and Michael had permanently moved to Salt Lake and bought a home just a few blocks away from us.  To our deep regret, we never followed through and as we so often passed by the house, we would say, "We need to call Michele and Michael", but we didn’t, and now we’ve sadly lost all opportunity to say goodbye.  Even in death, Michele has reminded us of a lesson I’ve all too frequently had to learn.  If you love someone, you need to tell them and you need to stay close if only to send  a text, email or make a phone call.  In this modern day of instant communication, there is no excuse not to.


When I think of Michele, I think of proud and devoted mother, grandmother and wife, hard worker, beauty, intelligence, loyalty, fun and unquestionable integrity.  Always strong, she had a tendency to play down her illness and that’s why we are so shocked to see her passing.  As true believers, we know she is in paradise with Dale, Millie and those who love her so, but that doesn’t make it any easier for Michael and the rest of the family or her friends.  Wherever you are Michele, know that you are forever loved and never forgotten and thank you for always being our friend.  Condolences to all.  


Love, Sonja and Robert Friedman

Sonja and Robert Friedman
salt lake city, UT

Michael, Amanda,  Justin and family,

I am wishing you blessings and peace at this sad and discouraging time.

Michele was a remarkable person and she set a powerful example to so many of a competent and intelligent person, a compassionate and loving mother, a strong and joyful spouse and a dedicated and supportive friend.  I am very fortunate to have known her and am a better person because of it. 

 There is simply no way to understand all of this. She is certainly hoping for peace for each of you.  I am as well.

with affection,  (Fr.) John E. Norman

“Rev. John E. Norman
salt lake city, UT

Very sorry for the loss of such a lovely human being.  We were high school classmates.  God bless you all. 

Melissa Guseman
sandy, UT

Dear Brown-Riding family

It is with a heavy heart that I express my sorrow and sympathy at your loss.  Michelle was a fun-loving, vibrant young lady, and although I knew her only during our freshman year at St. Mary's, her beauty and effervescence are qualities I'll never forget.

My prayers are with you as I know you will miss your wife, mother, and grandmother for a lifetime  May she rest in peace until you are again re-united.


Barb Herndon
midvale, UT