Daniel (Danny) Brett Herron

May 25, 1975 - July 1, 2021

In Loving Memory

     Blue Reeboks, pants rolled up slightly, hair the way I wanted mine. The Danny I remember the first day he showed up at school as the new kid. I picked on him all day letting him know he wasn't going to run things. Two days later he was my best friend. He had that kind of personality that kind of charm. He was "The Wheez" as we would eventually call him. 

     There was a short time in 8th grade where his dad and my mom hung out and would go country dancing and we wished to be step brothers. I only wish it would had happened, maybe I could have helped. I love you buddy. 

     Like my new tattoo says

                 Like A Brother



Eric Warnke
burlington, WA

We will all miss him, my heart hurts. Our prayers go out to his daughter and family.  Feels like just yesterday his dad called the ambulance for me when I was 5 when I went through Shaun Cahoons window. He will be sadly missed.  Danny's house was the first place I ran to for help.  His father came to my rescue and ill always be grateful for that. 

Jason Ransdell
spanish fork, UT

My deepest condolences to the family. Tony, my ex husband, my ex father and mother in law, Michelle, of course. Camille, Samantha, I know will miss Uncle Danny. As will I and many,  many others.  

Melissa A. P. Herron

 Many blessings to his family and friends. I am thankful I got to see Danny and spend some time with him before he left us. I will treasure that day and all the times I spent with him. He was a good man and a good friend. We had some fun times together. Myself and all of his friends here in Washington loved him very much. We'll miss you Weez. 

Al Lopez
burlington, WA

I am so sorry for your loss. Danny and I grew up in the same circle and played together as children.  This is very shocking to find out. RIP!

loving, NM