Kenneth Anthony Byes

May 12, 1967 - October 14, 2021

In Loving Memory

For over 14 years Ken had the key to my house, the code to my garage door and took up familiar residence in my family's heart.  He was a friend,  a big brother, a teacher, a dependable guardian angel.  My address was frequented by NAPPA Auto for deliveries for parts to repair customer's vehicles rotating through my driveway. My own were kindly referred to as the "Johnson Curse". He was truly, without exaggeration, talented and known for his mechanical abilities and skills.  He had a special relationship with my parents which he sometimes referred to as Grandma Florence and Grandpa Arley.  He was especially fond of my father in whom he found a unique bond and had a profound respect for.  Ken was generous to my family with his gifts, his time and sharing his talents.  My son, Chad learned many basic mechanical skills from Ken. He has continued to develop these skills which allows him to work on personal autos.  Ken often told me that some of his favorite memories were spending time with my son repairing and riding the "piglets" (Honda 90s) and Sunday dinners at my house.  He loved my hamburger stroganoff.  When you chat with him in heaven you can ask him about my beer and cheese soup. I had to take years of ribbing for that recipe faux pas. I am deeply saddened by Ken's early departure from my family and this world.  Truly "May God Be With You Until We Meet Again". 

Robin R Johnson
sandy, UT


I have such a hard time thinking that we will never spend hours on the phone I have no one who I can call to just crack jokes back and forth. Talk about guns and cars and projects you wanted us to do together we have had our ups and downs as expected because we are so similar our personality's and sense of humor just maid some of the funnest days of my life I wish we would've had more time to do all the things we talked about doing together or so u could have met all your grandchildren. So instead I will always tell them story's about there grandpa ken. Your memory will live on in story's reminiscing on our visits together. I'm glad at least that I was able to make you proud before you passed and you have spoken to all your grandchildren over the phone. I miss you so much dad I will be waiting for the day we meet again to Laugh Intel our our belly's are in pain I love u dad ...

Kelly Heinrichs
rogue river, OR


As I sit here shedding a few tears, I will miss you as a friend, a brother and someone whom I could always count on to be there when needed and tell it to me straight.

I have always looked forward to your visits to my place in Sandy and on the mountain, eating lunch and learning from your vast knowledge of the snowcat world.  For now, I know that will no longer happen here, but am certain, that someday in the future we will meet again and you will again tell me my tool box is a mess.

I love you brother, you are like no other.


Chris McCandless
sandy, UT