Helen Judy Draper

May 30, 1950 - June 17, 2022
Helen Judy Draper
Service Date:
Friday, July 8, 2022 6:00 PM
Service Location:

Celebration of Life, Starks Funeral Parlor

In Loving Memory

Dear brother Mike,

i am so sorry for your loss. I know the love between you and Judy was profound. Best, best wishes.


Mary Lou

Mary Lou Draper Reitz
salt lake city, UT

It is never easy to find the words to express one's feelings when words may not truly capture the depth of one's feelings but I'm going to do my best.

Judy was my best friend, the Big sister I never had, a Bonus Aunt to my girls, a 'Very Special Person' to my grandchildren and just an all round 'Fabulous Lady' in every way!

I will cherish our many evenings sitting around the pool in the summertime and the fire pit on snowy winter nights just laughing and talking about life!

Everyone came first in Judy's world with Mike right behind her...she had a heart of gold that was so big I'm not sure how it fit in her petite body. I adored her flare for fashion, oh how she loved her some 'Reba' and she wore it well! 

Deviled Eggs we're her specialty, they were a must have at all gatherings and she brought them by the dozens which were always devoured within minutes.

Her contagious smile and laughter will be missed but never forgotten.

Judy you will forever be in my heart.

Mike...you and snickers are family we love you.

Kim Suttlemyre
henderson , NV

Judy was a very delightful woman. I knew her through her husband Mike. As adorable as Mike is, Judy was truly a gem,  and was always very kind to me when we met for parties, gatherings, and even a 7 day cruise with a group of friends. I'm positive Judy was one of our Lord's special spirits who made life for all around her better for knowing her.

Mike you are family,  and I wish you a very special prayer that the lord will watch over you until you are reunited again, I love you man, my best wishes go out to you


Brian Reeves

Brian Reeves
northport, FL

I am honered to put this first one up!

Judy was a best friend to me when I needed it most.  I  lived in their basement for 5 months and we had many talks and tears. Her being gone is a shock to all of us. We only managed dinner several times a year but they were still special. So special! She remembered my kids and grandkids at holidays   I know we all realize what and who we have lost.  She was Amazing!

Mike, you are my brother, this journey will move forward and we will remember her every day as the person that she was in every way. 

I love you Mike


Jim Suttlemyre
henderson, NV