David John Hrechkosy

Home: Salt Lake City, Utah
Death Date: March 7, 2012
Birthdate: November 1, 1951
Place Of Birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Service Information: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 10:00 AM
Service Location: Blessed Sacrament Church

In Loving Memory

I am going to miss kidding Dave about wearing shorts during our bitter winters down here in Texas. I will miss hearing him greeting me by saying "hello partner," and miss all he did for Texas A&M. Thanks Dave for blessing our lives here in Texas.  

David Walkup
College Station, TX

Terri and family, I almost fell out of my seat in church this morning when Msgr. Bob told us that Dave had passed away last week!We are so sorry for your loss, and we know that it is a huge loss. We will be out of town this week and unable to attend Dave's funeral. Please know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers. May god bless you with comfort and healing in your time of grief. Dave & Luana

Dave & Luana Kreifeldt

Terri,Gary and Macey, I am very sorry to hear that Dave passed away last week. May the lord guide you through this difficult time. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Terri, again is the time to use that strength you showed me when I experienced a loss. With that you forever found a place in my heart.

Frank Garcia
Centerville, UT

Terri and Family, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Dave was a class act and although I hadn't seen him in over 30 years I can vividly remember his sense of humor, his laugh, and his genuine concern for those he associated with...both on and off the ice. He was one of a kind and I consider myself lucky to have known him.

Rick Bourbonnais
Boise, ID

I grew up with Dave in Winnipeg and remember watching him head to Northwood CC to play hockey. We were very proud to tell people that we knew someone who played in the NHL. 
We were shocked to hear that he passed away at such a young age and that brain cancer took him so quickly. 
We are so sorry for your loss. Our hearts go out to his family at this very sad time.  
The Kennedy Family in Winnipeg

Dianne Kennedy
Winnipeg, MB

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.and your family. I am glad that you have many happy and wonderful memories together that will always keep Dave close to you. God bless you and your family during this time. Take care. 
Delgado Family

Pat Gallegos
West Jordan, UT

This summer I heard Dave was having some health issues, so I was taken aback and saddened to hear of his passing. 
I grew up three blocks from Dave in Winnipeg and was good friends with him through being teammates in hockey and football for 5-6 years during the pre-teen/teen periods of our lifes. He eipitiomiized a gentle giant and always had that "goofy" smile on his face. He could piss you off but you could never really get mad at him because it was him being "Herc" (his nickname before "Wrecker"). 
My mom and dad thought he was the greatest. He would come to my house on the way to practices/games and he would turn on the charm. With my mom he was the reincarnation of Eddie Haskell-"Gee, Mrs. Freeman you are looking good today!!!" He called my dad Cactus Jack after the famous Winnipeg sports broadcaster "Cactus" Jack Wells because my dad resembled him. 
I have lots of great memories and stories of Dave but I will give you one regarding school. I was in Dave's hoomroom in Grade 11 and of course Dave used his charm and smile on our homeroom teacher who was a bit of a science nerd and probably had no idea of Dave's hockey prowess. Anyway this teacher had a large aquarium filled with several fish. Through his charm, Dave talked the teacher into letting him help care for the fish (feeding, cleaning the tank, etc). Well, one morning the teacher came into class and lo and behold the fish were all dead, having boiled. It seems that Dave felt that the water felt a little cold the day before so he adjusted the heat. That ended his dreams of being a marine biologist- but onward and upward went his hockey career. 
Unfortunately, I hadn't seen Dave since we were in our late 20's but I have often thought about him. These thoughts bring back nothing but good memories and an appreciation of how good our childhoods were. 
I am happy for Dave's success after hockey and after reading his obituary can see he had a great family and was obviously proud of his children. 
Dave achieved a goal, by playing in the NHL, that every kid playing hocky, inlcuding me dreamt about endlessly. This achievment, his family, travel experiences, friends and accomplishments in the workplace lead me to believe that Dave had a good life. 
My thoughts are with his wife and children as well and Don and Val and their families.  

Brian Freeman
Winnipeg, MB

Please accept on behalf of Zach and myself our deepest sympathies. 
Dave was a great guy and will be missed.

Brian Kessler
Salt Lake City, UT

Dave and I were school mates at Sisler High School. I moved to Toronto in 1973. One day I bumped into Dave near the Maple Leaf Gardens and found out he was playing that evening against the Maple Leafs. Dave was with the California Seals then. He got me a complimentary ticket and I watched him play. Later we had a chance to catch up on our lives -- mine in Toronto and his as a hockey player -- his dream since childhood. I never saw him after that one time, but heard about him on and off through various Winnipeg friends. I remember Dave as a "gentle giant". I extend my most heartfelt condolences to his family. He will be remembered.

Terese Truchan
Toronto, ON

I'm going to miss Dave terribly. He touched my life when I met him while playing for the Seals. We had great times along with his family i.e going to wineries, drinking. he bacame my closest friend. My heart condolences are for Macey, Garry and Terri. I shall always remember his kindness and friendship as he was a favorite of all the Oakland Raiders.

John Ryder
Alameda, CA

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