Jennie Marie Burton

August 24, 1965 - November 30, 2018

Jennie Marie (Davis) Burton aka Mommyhead of the Everland passed peacefully in her home on November 30th 2018. Her first stop was to ride the winds of a tornado & feel the rain of a hurricane. She loved nature and always sought adventure. More than anything else she loved her family. She was adopted & raised by her wonderful parents Sherry Ann Hofhine Davis and Alma Vallee Davis who were waiting for her in the afterlife. She was presented to them on her adoption day by her loving sister Sharee Davis who was her constant companion and partner in crime.
Early in her life she was home schooled by the best teacher one could have, her Mom. She thrived within the homeschool environment and was fantastic at spelling, writing and anything artistic. Her early years were filled with unconditional love and family. She went on to finish her diploma through Murray High School.
She was born with bright fire red hair and a fierceness to match. Everything she did was done with passion & strength. Jennie was quick to be on fire but even quicker to love. She channeled this ferocity as a true lioness would, into the care and protection of her cubs.
Her first child, Ember Davis came along early in her life. She would always say that her greatest accomplishment was to be a Mom. Much adventure and travel followed where she was able to see much of the country driving 18 wheelers. She loved the feel of the open road constant chance of adventure. Her second child, Sherrlylyn (Shenny) Kutcher, came along and she returned to Salt Lake City. Not long after, her baby, Elizabeth (Boo) Buckelew was born and her girls were complete. She settled down in her hometown in Murray Utah with her then husband Frank Kucher. While her children were young she accomplished her degree to become a Surgical Technician and went on to assist with many operations at St Marks Hospital and was on the Primary Children’s Heart team. Over the years she was able to assist in countless surgeries and help so many lives. While not at work & creating amazing memories for her children she craved the open road and loved riding motor cycles. She had a beautiful Indian motorcycle which she participated in many rides for charity and even dressed up as Mrs. Clause for kids in need. Riding was a family activity where Elizabeth and Sherrylyn would ride on the back of their bikes and learning how to ride young was a necessity. Through these rides and lifestyle, she met many long time loving friends who meant a great deal to her.
Growing up we have many fond memories of her beautiful gardens. She was a natural when it came to anything green. She had roses the size of dinner plates, herbs tucked in between her medicinal flowers and a veggie garden that would put the green giant to shame. She even had a homemade irrigation system that was like watching a water park in action. There was nothing she couldn’t grow and every plant had a use. Her green magic was effortless and pared with her ability to heal she made the most wonderful home remedies. Her love of nature extended to all animals and we had quite the farm at some points including multiple cats and dogs, bunnies, ducks and even a chameleon. Any animal that needed love Mom found some to give.
Jennie is the proud grandmother to 4 beautiful girls & 1 handsome boy. Evelinn, Ari, Anna, Lorna & Dillion loved their grandma nana with all their heart, spending as much time as possible with her. They loved talking about ghost stories, playing with her pets and just being around her. The holidays were their favorite, because that meant they get to spend time with grandma nana, who was always fashionably late. Her magic runs deep within them and the will miss her dearly. Her granddaughters tied her forever to Jacob & Jenn Easley who she loved as her own. They have become an integral part of the family and She couldn’t imagine her life without them.
In 2003 she married the love of her life Ted Burton who she was madly in love with. They went on many adventures and camping was her second love. She had a sixth sense to camp when there would be a mudslide or a fire, but she loved it just the same. If she could have lived in the mountains with a raging bonfire she would have. Ted & Mom were completely and hopelessly in love and ultimately lived happily ever after.
Jennie had an affinity for anything that sparkled. Commonly when you would ask her what she wanted for Christmas or her birthday she would say “Oh anything would be wonderful, as long as it sparkles” and then “Really I just want to spend time with my family.” She loved us all so much and there is a huge hole in all our hearts. There will not be one day that passes that we fail to think of her and the impact she made on our lives. We hope she is riding the hurricanes, surfing the tornadoes and flying through the emerald hills of Ireland
In the beautiful words of her best friend Mariah: “ Jennie was strong and fierce and so incredibly beautiful. She taught others what beauty was. It is strength. She said “It is the scars because we survived, but not only survived, we lived.” She could move boulders. She was a dragon slayer. With her you would feel completely safe though you may be surrounded by peril.
She loved so strongly, and she never sought for people to love her. Her desire was for others to happy. She wanted to be with you, she wanted so badly to do her best for you. She loved. If you were fortunate to have her love, it would never go away.”
Help us to celebrate her life at Starks Funeral Home, 3651 South 900 East on December 15th, 2018 from 6 – 8 pm. Followed by further celebration at The Union in Midvale Utah. In lieu of flowers please donate to Best Friends Animal Society or the Wounded Warrior project. Both causes were near and dear to Jennies heart.

Please check back for a tribute video slideshow.