Samuel Brych Balent

November 26, 2006 - February 26, 2019

Sam, who always wanted to make people happy and laugh, went to perform his final act with God on February 26, 2019. The light and joy that was Sam came into our lives on November 26, 2006, much like a bolt of lightning. From the beginning, he was a source of joy, love, and laughter to those around him, and we knew he would have a huge personality.
Sam was spontaneous and brave, never afraid to put himself in front of a crowd or try something new. He tried all sorts of sports including basketball, soccer, karate, fencing, yoga, and boxing. His favorite food was sushi, and he would never turn away a bowl of ice cream. Sam was the consummate performer. He was funny and loved to make people laugh, even if it was at his own expense. In the classroom, on a stage, or just hanging around, he relished each laugh he created. He had an amazing imagination and was so incredibly bright. He loved Harry Potter, Legos, and was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge of all things superhero. He would say choosing between Marvel or DC was like having to pick your favorite child. He loved to read books and write poetry. He loved animals, especially his dog Ripley and parakeet Regan. Sam was always up for adventure and loved traveling to new places. He loved going on camping trips with his Boy Scout troop.
He was a sensitive soul and always wanted to ease the pain of those around him. His huge heart was overflowing with love, which he gave so willingly to his family and friends. When Sam loved you, he loved you completely and unconditionally, and was never afraid to show it.
Sam was a 6th grader at Summit Academy. His big personality will be greatly missed by his school family. Sam was happiest surrounded by his family. He is survived by his parents, Jim and Cathy, with whom he shared a special and unbreakable bond. His big brother Ben, whom he adored and loved tremendously. His loving grandparents Honey and Poppy Upchurch, Gigi and Grandpa Balent, and Papa Brych. And all of his aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Sam always loved a party with friends. So a celebration of Sam’s life will be held from 6-8 PM on Tuesday, March 5, at Starks Funeral Parlor located at 3651 South 900 East, Salt Lake City for his friends, schoolmates, and family. Please use the complimentary valet parking provided on the north side of the building.