Mary Teresa Chapman Hosmer

March 16, 1963 - May 2, 2019

Mary Teresa Chapman, born March 16th 1963, passed away peacefully in her sleep on May 2nd, 2019 after battling lung cancer. She is now reunited with her brother Aaron and her niece, Monica along with other family.

She is survived by her daughter Tasha; two sons Easton and Ricky; three grandchildren Aaron, Aaliyah, and Marley. Also survived by her sister AnnMarie; brother Tony and parents Frank and Delores.

She spent the majority of her life as an apartment manager at Village Green Apartments which resulted in some special relationships with the people she worked with. She was also a waitress in her younger years at several places becoming the best most popular server in town. In 1983, at the age of 20, Teresa gave birth to her first born daughter, Tasha Marie Day (35) with her husband DeVal. They later divorced and she remarried 2 years later. In 1985, at the age of 22, she then gave birth to her first born son Daniel Easton McMann (33) with her husband Danny. They later divorced and she remarried again. In 1992, at the age of 29, she gave birth to her second son Richard Cameron Hosmer(26) with her husband Art. They later divorced which made her a single mom for a while. Around 2000, she married again but never had any children. They later divorced.

In 2004, her daughter Tasha was the first to make her a proud grandma at the age of 40. Her bond between her and her grandson Aaron(15) was priceless. Always having weekend sleepovers, taking him to every Disney on Ice show, getting him the kiddie cones at Arctic Circe because he wanted “ickagim” (ice cream) so bad, taking him for Harley rides, taking him swimming, cheering him on at every football game and having camp outs making smores. In 2006, at the age of 43, she became a grandma again by Tasha to a beautiful baby girl named Aaliyah(12) who Teresa nicknamed “Hollywood”. She knew that one day Aaliyah would become a star before she was even born. The bond they shared was called “grandmas girl”; she would do anything for her. She loved attending all her dance recitals, talent shows, singing performances, gymnastic meets, and cheer performances at Aaron’s football games. The many trips to the swimming pool and ice cream trucks made there weekends special together. Teresa was very talented with her hands and loved to crochet, so by the time Aaliyah was old enough, she taught her. Teresa has made so many beautiful crocheted blankets, scarfs, jackets, and even designed some of her very own wardrobes to wear. She especially loved doing this when she would attend a Cher concert.

In 2013, at the age of 50, her son Ricky made her a grandma again to a beautiful baby girl named Marley Rose(5). Marley would always refer to Teresa as “Barbie Teresa”. She loved her grandma so much and would always want to go to her house to play. Teresa would spoil her every time they would go to Walmart and they loved having girls day spending it getting their nails done. Her heart belonged to her 3 kids and 3 grand kids, along with so many others. She was very passionate, kind, funny, outgoing, adventurous, and fast. She wasted no time in having any kind of fun or living life. She had a passion for football and had so many wonderful memories attending Superbowl games and getting behind the scenes with her then husband Art because he was a sound engineer at the time and they would travel to many games together for work. One of her favorite memories during that time was being able to take her brother Aaron and her father Frank to an Indianapolis Colts game. That was their favorite team with Peyton Manning as there favorite Quarterback. Teresa was such a loving person with the most funniest personality. One of her passions was music and her 3 most favorite artists of all time were Elvis Presley, Cher, and Barbara Streisand. She also loved country music and line dancing at the Westerner. She would always be the one to get the crowd going. Her second passion were her animals; especially Presley and Easy. They were the loves of her life and always gave her comfort where she needed it the most. They will be buried with her to continue to guide her and give her love. One of her all time favorite things to do was sing karaoke. Every weekend she would throw karaoke parties at her house and all her kids and friends would come and they would just have the best times. She also performed live at every restaurant/bar she could. She also found love in dance. She would always ask her daughter Tasha when she was younger to show her the latest dance moves and then they would have dance sessions together in the living room. One of her favorite things to do for her children was to give them the best holidays they could have. She loved decorating her house for every holiday, making Christmas one of the best memories with her kids. Her mother Delores would host the annual Christmas and Easter parties and those memories were her favorite because that was the time the whole family could be together. In her early 40’s she started working at the Barbary Coast part time, which blessed her with the best decade of her life. She met and fell in love with a man named Charles during that time and if you could picture the word soulmate, that was them. The inseparable bond and love they shared for each other was out of this world. She was his queen. He passed away years later in her arms and that completely broke her. But she also gained the most special relationships with her biker sisters and cherished every memory they all made together. The many bike runs, the laughs, the crazy stories, and the camp outs. They were her rock during any hard time she had and also got her though the passing of Charles. She also had a love for traveling which she loved to do with her sister Ann and her mom Delores. She loved horseback riding and fishing with her sons when they were younger. She loved going to her son Ricky’s football games where they knew her as the team mom. She was always so supportive in anything her kids did. That made it special to them knowing that there mom always had their back. Her children knew her as “mama bear” and she stood by that to the fullest. Her kind heart and shining personality made her stand out in a crowd and will continue to be felt by her family and friends. She will be missed dearly but know that she is in peace and free from any pain.

Her viewing will be held on Monday May 6th from 11-12pm at Starks Funeral Parlor (3651 south 900 east) followed by graveside service at Murray City Cemetery (5490 south Vine St). May you rest in peace until we can be together again.