Angi Bales

January 13, 1969 - October 9, 2019

It is with broken hearts that we announce that our dear Angi Bales, love, mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend passed away unexpectedly on October 9th surrounded and comforted by many of her family members.

For all who knew her, Angi brought a light and excitement into their lives. She could brighten any room and leave us laughing as she shared one of her stories. She could bring drama and character to even the most mundane situation. She often referred to herself as a “giver” and nothing could be more accurate. She had the biggest heart of anyone we knew. She took great pride in trying to find the perfect gift for any occasion. She paid attention to what people in her life cared about. She used great effort to pick out even a small gift so that it held meaning for that person. It was her way of showing that she cared for you and that you mattered. Her love for friends and family could sometimes show up in unusual ways. On a snowy day, you’d better call and let her know you made it home safely or else!

As a young girl, she excelled as an ice skater, putting in countless hours of practice. She loved to perform but didn’t enjoy being judged so when her knee no longer allowed her to skate like she wanted to, she moved on to other things. She loved music and dancing and had an amazing natural talent for it - even if she spent more time dancing around her kitchen and living room than on an actual dance floor. She had a knack for memorizing song lyrics. She loved Eminem - much to her mother’s chagrin - and she worked hard to memorize and keep up with his fastest rhymes.

Angi loved watching movies and nothing made her happier than curling up next to her dad to watch a scary movie together on the couch. She claims she missed her calling by not moving to Hollywood to work in film or television so she made up for it by watching instead. She had diverse tastes, enjoying everything from watching a Dateline mystery with Jack to HGTV with Jeff where she’d invariably find a new idea she loved every week. In recent years, she enjoyed going to University of Utah football games even though she’d freely admit to having more fun at the tailgate than at the actual game. Angi was truly a special person and everyone who knew her will feel her absence from their lives.
She is preceded in death by her beloved Papa – Hubert Bales. We know in Heaven she can tease him about the University of Utah beating BYU in football. She is survived by her longtime love Jeffery Winn and their son Jack Henry Winn, her parents Michael and Randie Bales, her brother Bryan and his wife Lori, their kids Jake and Sage and her husband Taylor, and her grandmother Marilyn Bales who she called Yamo. As the oldest of Papa and Yamo’s grandkids, she was especially close to her Aunt Marianne who was just two years older and more like a sister than an aunt. She cared deeply for her uncles and their wives and all of her many cousins. Jeff’s family often joked that they loved Angi more than they loved him and if they had to choose just one of them, they’d stick with her!

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom to Jack, Angi excelled in the mortgage business where she was consistently recognized as one of the best (if not THE BEST) in her position. That natural talent helped her to get more work done that most, despite admittedly spending plenty of time talking with her co-workers, many of whom became her close friends. She was easy to talk with and people found they were able to open up to her. She took pride in being there for her friends in their time of need. Angi loved makeup and clothes and was always looking to stay up on the latest trends. She had no desire to age gracefully and claimed that she’d do whatever she needed to do so that she could keep her youthful appearance. Even in her final moments, many of the nurses and staff at IHC told us how beautiful she was and how she could have passed for being 10 years younger. Though she might not have believed them, she would have loved to hear them say it.

Angi loved to get together with friends and family for game days and barbeques. With this in mind, we are having a Celebration of Life on Tuesday, October 15th from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm at Starks Funeral Parlor, 3651 South 900 East, Salt Lake City. Guests are encouraged to use the complimentary valet parking provided on the north side of the building. Please don’t feel the need to get dressed-up in traditional funeral attire unless you want to. Angi preferred to wear jeans, a pair of her leather boots, and whatever sweater was her favorite at the moment. She would want her guests to be comfortable and to wear whatever they felt they looked their best in. In her memory, we want you to do the same. We invite anyone whose life Angi touched and brightened to come join in this celebration and to pay final respects to an incredible person that we lost too soon.