Rita Jensen Condie

August 5, 1931 - October 15, 2019

Rita was born and raised in Brigham City, Utah. She then headed to the big city, Salt Lake, where she met Dick; they were sweethearts for the next 60 years. Together they raised 3 children: Robyn, Vance and Lisa. Rita and Dick were members of Willow Creek Country Club’s community for 45 years, she golfed almost daily into her 70’s and shot her best round of 84! They traveled together; including the 1968 Olympics; and had many more journeys along the way. She shared this love with her family and encouraged her children to study outside of Salt Lake City and to always travel, making sure they had her encouragement and support on every adventure.

Rita was always creating Joy for herself, her friends, and her family. She created the most festive, elfing filled, and joyful, reunion every Christmas for a family that continued to explore the country, bringing them home from: California, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Wyoming and New York City. She loved the Big Apple.
She adored her grandchildren, always growing and learning along with them. Nutrition, crosswords, and weight training with Justin. Lauren indulged her passion for all things fashion, and Rain brought her a final passion, soccer. Rita was a faithful supporter of Liverpool and Williams College, as "red - and now purple - is always best".
Rita delighted in poetry, and there is a piece of the poem, All to Myself (Nesbit), that always reminded Rita of her mom. The poem is also a memory of our mom.

All to myself I think of you,

Think of the things we used to do,

Think of the things we used to say,

Think of each happy, bygone day;

Sometimes I sigh and sometimes I smile,

But I keep each olden, golden while

All to myself.
Rita attended, and edited the paper, at Box Elder High School. She was a Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Utah where she graduated with a degree in business.