Derrick Everett Goodwin

October 19, 1971 - March 26, 2020
On the evening of March 26th, 2020 our World became a little less bright, by the passing of our husband, daddy, son, brother, uncle, friend and hero, we will forever be changed by this incredible loss, just knowing the spectacular party and celebration that no doubt took place in the skies above as he was welcomed with open arms by his buddies Wagner and Vance who were also taken from us far too soon, we know that he stopped by The Rainbow Bridge to pick up Porsche and Maddie who have been waiting patiently for their daddy, eases our hearts.

Derrick was born on October 19th, 1971 in Boise ID to his wonderful parents Everett Jr and Margo Goodwin.

Derrick and Trena began their life together in 1993, they were married on July 26th, 1996, with this Union he gained another family that immediately loved and considered him as their own. Derrick was the most amazing, patient, supportive and loving husband, our life was not perfect, but there was always tons of love and respect for each other.

Derrick had a lot of great memories and times growing up, especially in Arizona; he had a special bond with his parents that he held near to his heart. And the stories of the siblings growing up were always worth a chuckle. He also had great memories to share of with Aunt Rochelle and Alba in Idaho.

Derrick loved and often reminisced of the great times he was able to spend in Texas with his dad and their dear friends Paul, Barbara and Don Crumpler running horses, taking care of the ranch and making memories.

Derrick proudly worked as a Police Officer with Sandy City for over 20 years. He was active in SWAT, DEA and other drugs units, of which he helped create. Derrick was presented with the Officer of the Year Award in 2010. He was a Fire Arms Instructor and loved helping and teaching others. He won many firearm competitions. His brothers and Sisters in Blue Family were very important to him, he loved and respected all of you, but I need to mention just a few who were always there...Dave, Dan, Bret, Zan, Clayton, Steve, Troy, Wendy, Keo, Eldredge, Ped, Brooks, Biggs, Wiggins, Shannon, Bacon and many more.

He loved the days, times and memories made in the house on 90th with his roomies, Ross (Teresa) and Nate (Andria), oh stories that could be told!

In high school, Derrick enjoyed being active in rodeo (Saddle Bronc) and had great a time creating lifelong memories with his dad and life long friends Travis (Jody) and Justin (Amy). He loved spending time for the hunts in the Uintah’s with Travis.

Everyone that knew Derrick knows that he loved hunting, fishing, the outdoors and guns. He loved going to Canada with his buddies Corey (Alicia) aka his friend he met on the internet! Nate (Tiffanie) and Money. They were able to make 2 goose hunting videos and had a great time making them. Nate said it perfectly “Derrick was a World Class goose hunter and always took his passions to the next level, he was an amazing marksman, shotgun, pistol and rifle shot...A TRUE FRIEND”.

Our home seemed to always be the ‘gathering or party’ place, where all were welcome and there were so many memories and fun in our home. There were years that we had over 50 people for Thanksgiving and he loved it, especially when his favorite cousins Jamie (Brenn) and Kathie (Troy) would come stay with us from Idaho. He also loved the years that we had aunt Janet and uncle Ralph living in the same neighborhood, being able to spend time with them as well as Russell and Rachelle.

Derrick loved to cook, BBQ and smoke for friends and family, he loved to experiment and try something new, but he could never give a true recipe because it was always a ‘little of this and a little of that’, I’m thankful that he was able to teach Dylan a few of his tricks and recipes.

Derrick enjoyed the opportunity that he had to work and learn at the taxidermy shop after he retired and valued the time he had to spend with Brenda and Harold.

Derrick always came across with a serious side but we always loved it when he would unexpectedly pop off with a surprising one liner! It was always fun to see my antisocial hubby doing ‘surveillance’ in the ranger at the cook-off with Rick or John...good times...great memories...

We had a special bond with our AMAZING Idaho family, who have forever and always been there for us...Mama Pat, Laurie, Devere, George, Rose, Scott and all the kiddos and grand kids...Derrick loved and respected you all more than you will ever know.

Derrick had a very special relationship with all of Trenas’ family, he had a close bond with her dad Kym, who considered Derrick as his own son, he loved and guided both of her brothers, Jache and Derrick, and even conned Jache into getting his own chickens, as fresh eggs are the only way to go! But what he really loved were the Little’s, Dylan and Derrick had a bond like no other, Derrick thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to teaching our Wild Man all of the ins and outs of hunting, fishing, guns, cooking, 4- wheeling and everything else that came with life. He loved to try and be tough with the ‘filthy little creatures’, Cavan and Taygan, limiting them to only an hour a day on their electronics, but he loved them so much and loved having them around!

After Derrick retired, we moved to Central Utah for what he said was to live the ‘Simple Life’ and get away from the ‘Shitty’. We enjoyed many rides with friends on the beautiful Piute Trails, BBQ’s, and just having friend time doing nothing but just visiting and sharing stories. Taking three hours to water all of trees was the perfect bonding time for just the two of us and our babies.

Everyone that knew Derrick, knew that if he let you in his ‘Circle’ that you were family and so loved forever, he was so patient with Trenas’ social side, but kindly asked that she limit the people to this year’s cook-off to minus 119, as there was 120 last year! But seriously he loved and cherished our ‘Framily’ more than he could ever express and I know that I will miss many as you were all loved and valued but again would like to point out a few true, near and dear to his heart: Deloy, Bobby and Brenda, John and Pam, Rick, Dylan C, Jamie and Marcy, Jeff and Kim, Mark and Lisa, Colter and Elise, Jerry and SO many others, including those that he met in our little town that he loved and they loved him.

Although never had an actual blood brother, Deloy was as close as you could get, he loved him and cherished their friendship more than words could ever express.

As a family we would like to thank Dr Todd, Dr Ped, all of the AMAZING doctors and nurses at Sevier County Hospital, especially Darren and Jessica (he loved those warm blankets) As well as Blake, Charlie and Doug with IHC Hospice for their love and care.

He is survived by his wife Trena, babies: Allie and Roxie and we can’t forget Sue the cat, father-in-laws: Kym Bennett and Gary Redick (Sherri). Brothers: Jache (Celeste), Derrick (Jen), and Kevin. Sisters: Natalie (Rick), Jess (Shaun), Traci (Jeff), Nephews: Dylan, Cavan, Taygan, Dylan C, Dallon and Austin (Karissa). Nieces: Kaitlyn (Brett), Cheyenne (Kaleb), Shawnasee (Lance), and Darby (Jim). Adopted Parents: John and Joann. He is preceded in death by his mother-in-law: LouAnn, father-in-law: Gary Williamson, grandpa: Paul, grandma: Jackie.

Also survived by his loving parents: Everett and Margo, Sisters: Jana (Alan) and Camille. Nephews: Stetson (Katelyn), Dakota (Suzi), Landin and Justice. Niece: McKinsey. Both Grandpa and Grandma Goodwin and Grandma and Grandpa Burningham precede him in death.

He is survived by SO many others including: nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who loved him and whom he cherished.

In lieu of flowers we would like to ask that you plant a tree or bush in Derrick or another loved ones honor. As his wife I ask that regardless of your age that you make it a point to see your Doctor yearly and more so follow through with what they tell you to do to stay healthy and with us.

Once all the nonsense of this World gets back to normal, at a date undetermined, we will have a Celebration of Life at Starks Funeral Parlor.Please check back for details.

In Goodwin’s own words....BULLSHIT!!!