Shirley Jean Walton

May 8, 1931 - June 6, 2020

Shirley Walton was born in Crescent, UT on May 8, 1931. She grew up in the shadow of the Great Depression and lost her father at the tender age of 11. She met Wilford Walton, her high school sweetheart and husband of 65 years in 1948.  Together they built a family, and a group of friends that made ordinary moments feel extraordinary: Christmas parties that packed the basement with booze and delight; trips to Wendover, Las Vegas, Ireland, and South Korea; conversations around the kitchen table with anyone who was lucky enough to know them. Shirley loved to play the slots, she loved a whiskey and 7, she loved to dance, and her fashion sense never played it safe. Shirley is survived by daughters, Shauna and Charlotte; and grandchildren, John, Colby, Andrew and Adam. A private graveside service was held on Thursday, June 11th.