Emmett Harris

April 3, 1948 - July 15, 2020
Emmett Harris
Our dear friend Emmett loved his life. He loved cars, working on them, building them, collecting them and always helping people with them.
He was known in his younger days to cruise state street in his cars, and possibly racing them, he has many long time friends from those days.  You would have seen him in his GTO originally and then later on in the Corvette or the Chevelle, he had many stories about racing people in the Corvette and if they would beat him, he would go to the shop and get the Chevelle out and go challenge them with that. He always loved the power and the possibilities of what could be done with modifying a car.
Emmett loved his customers and could be called upon day or night to go out and do a road call, no matter if it was freezing cold in a windstorm, or even at an inconvenient time, you could call and he would be there for you. He and Paul opened their own shop (EP Auto). His customers always knew he was giving them a fair and honest estimate about the repairs needed on their cars. He was definitely not the typical auto mechanic that you hear stories about. 
Emmett loved to travel with many trips to his favorite place Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. He loved to get away from the cold weather in Utah and go and get a sunburn on a beach somewhere. He always loved women, a good drink, and his friends of which there were many. 
Upon his passing a friend wrote:
'He gave, He gave freely, without reservation in the only way he knew how. He was honest and true to his ideals. When his gift of giving was taken away, he knew he had no choice, he had to leave EP Auto. Leaving behind...sadness for the loss... We are grateful for the privilege of knowing him."
Emmett is survived by his son Gator (Heather) and his granddaughters Erica and Tessa, and his grandson Ian. 
Please share with us your loving stories of this kind wonderful man!