Connie Bell

December 11, 1946 - December 2, 2020
Service Date:
Saturday, December 5, 2020 6:13 PM
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                                              CONNIE R. SHERAUSKI BELL


Connie passed away on Wed., Dec 2nd, 2020 at the age of 73 due to complications related to the Covid Virus.

She was born in Chicago, IL to Robert and Rosemary Sherauski.  The family relocated to Salt Lake City, UT when Connie was 15 years old and she resided there the rest of her life.

Connie attended Judge Memorial High School and, then, the University of Utah where she earned two degrees in English and American Literature.  Connie displayed a brilliance in writing and was employed by the State as a technical writer for several years.  

 A short, happy marriage to Greg Bell in Ann Arbor, MI was interrupted as she began to experience mental health issues. Her devoted mother and father fearlessly, lovingly and tirelessly  guided her to the help she needed.    Despite her own struggles, she became an advocate for others with mental health issues.  She was employed by Valley Mental Health as a case aid where she assisted other patients in navigating through the Human Services system to obtain the benefits they needed. She became actively involved in NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the Alliance House where she was a writer for that organization’s newspaper.  

For many years, Connie resided in various Independent Living facilities, primarily Valley Villa (a subsidiary of Alliance House).  It was a close knit community and there she met Mike P. and Patricia, who became extraordinary, close friends for many years!

Eventually, Connie’s health required that she advance to an assisted living facility.  She became a resident of St. Joseph’s Villa in Sugarhouse.  The Villa quickly became her home. She was so happy there!  She met many residents whom she considered family!   Special thanks to Joy, Director of Assisted Living, who was Connie’s guardian angel, Connor, Jill , Father David and John and Toni (Connie’s surrogate sister) Makoff and her cherished therapists, Anise and Beth. These five years were, undoubtedly, some of the happiest of her life!

Connie was the self – made Walmart Greeter of St. Joseph’s Villa and everyone loved her vivacious personality.

She was a voracious reader and shared the magic of books with many willing recipients!

She was a prolific writer and a published poet.

You would have been considered fortunate to have received a “personal poem” from Connie.   This gift had a way of reaching deep into one’s soul and was known to bring many to tears!

Even before it was socially acceptable, Connie had a revolutionary feminist spirit and believed that gender equality would, one day, make the world a better place!

To her sisters, Phyllis and Kathy, she was one of the 3 Musketeers. They all feel a fierce devotion to each other!

Connie and her brother-in-law, Terry shared a bond with their affinity and kinship to the American Indian Culture.

Connie was especially proud of her neice, Corrinne and her four nephews, Shawn, John, Geoff and Dane who were always there for her!

She and her neice, Corrinne were especially close, spending many hours talking and being together, especially in the last several years!

She loved all her family equally and with great intensity!   

Her world was her oyster and with not one gray hair, even into her seventies, she had a grand command on her life!

Connie’s soul was a miracle and her mind, a masterpiece!

God speed Connie!   You are sorely missed by many! 

At a place that was special to Connie, her family will be planning a Celebration of Life in the summer months!