Marci Claire Baak

June 26, 1969 - January 24, 2021

"The Nurse in Converse"

On January 24, 2021, our dear mother and friend Marci Claire Baak, together with her beloved husband Ken McCurdy, took leave of this earthly plane on to their next adventure. 

In Marci’s 51 years of dirt beneath her Converse covered feet, she lived bigger and bolder than many ever will. Her stunning beauty and sparkling smile gifted her a modeling career in her younger years that allowed her to live and work in Australia, Italy, Singapore, and Japan. Her love of the world and exploration of all its corners never ended as she made her way across Europe, Asia, and the United States. After jumping back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City, she eventually settled in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

She graduated from Westminster College in 2007 with her RN, earned her Masters degree as a Nurse Midwife in 2011, and returned to Frontier Nursing University for her post-masters certificate as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2017. Her dedication to education and compassion toward humanity contributed to her success as a health professional for 13 years with a broad range of skills for the individuals she worked with. She worked in cardiology, home health nursing, out-of-hospital maternity care, pain management, substance use disorder, aesthetics, wound care, management of multiple chronic conditions for the elderly, hospice, and house calls for home-bound patients. Marci’s greatest passion was her contribution to bringing life into this world as a midwife. This is where she naturally brought something wild and intuitive into medicine. 

Above all the lives she brought into this world as a midwife, above her degrees, her fights and survivals; her greatest accomplishment and love was for bringing to life her 3 children and fiercely loving them and protecting them in the best way that she knew how. She loved them above all others and all things. 

Marci lived and loved impulsively and passionately. She was brave and beautiful, strong and wild, full of fire and fight and intrigue for the slightly dangerous (hence her passion for Jeeping). Yet, she also carried the gentleness, compassion, and grace to lift new life into the world and to lovingly care for the elderly. She held this world, her children, her life, with hands that have cared for the skin and hearts and bodies of so many people. When holding it became too heavy, she quietly let go. Off again to the next big adventure with Kenny, the love of her life by her side. 

Marci is survived by her three children, who made up the entirety of her world, Zoe Baak-Rich (age 22), Rowan Roundy (age 15) and Ronald (Willy) Roundy (age 13), Father Ronald Baak & Regina, mother Linda Remenyi & Andrew, sister Deidra Baak, and many friends.


Please join us for a slide presentation and a few words via Zoom: 

Saturday, February 6, 2021 noon-1pm MST Meeting ID: 478 207 6105   Passcode: 485754

Due to current circumstances, you may honor Marci and Kenny at a temporary memorial that will be set up Saturday, February 6, 1pm - 4pm at 819 East Hudson Avenue, Salt Lake City 84106 There will be a place to leave written memories or take a moment to reflect.