David R. Wilson

November 4, 1939 - March 23, 2021

David R. Wilson was a True Renaissance Man.

Skiing was a family tradition that started for Dave in 1947 and inspired a love of the sport that lasted throughout his life. He was a member of the U of U Ski Team and a mentor to young racers. He had a love of adventure and the outdoors – fly fishing, golf, family canyon parties, motorcycle riding. But not camping. To Dave, camping was staying in a town with one stop light. He even earned a pilot’s license at the age of 15. 

Dave’s love of motorcycles knew no bounds – from using a borrowed motorcycle as a dating tool to impress Sharon to 100-mile desert races. If it had two wheels and an engine, he was either riding it or building it. Similarly, his motorcycle adventures knew no borders, including Harley Davidson rides throughout Utah, Sturgis, Yellowstone, the Canadian Rockies, and beyond.

When he wasn’t enjoying the outdoors, Dave had plenty of indoor hobbies to keep him busy. He loved to work with his hands. There was no project too big or too small. He did everything from intricate model building, puzzles, and Legos to finishing the basement and manufacturing his own fly-fishing rod. He was a collector - paintings, glass art, guitars, watches, wine, fountain pens, and cars. Dave always loved cars. He built a ’37 Ford from the ground up and owned a variety of different makes and styles throughout his life – from classic to modern, including a variety of Corvettes, a longtime favorite.  

Dave also had a passion for music. He respected all genres. And he was crazy about guitars, both the sound and the beauty. His love of music led him to learn to play later in life, both acoustic and electric. 

Throughout the years, Dave was always in style. His elegant style changed with each phase of life. Suits, motorcycle gear, Tommy Bahama, cowboy hats and boots…he was always a fabulous dresser. A trait he passed on to his daughter. And Dave would try anything unusual that appeared on a menu. A trait he passed on to his son. 

Dave’s ultimate joy was helping his children grow, learn, and succeed. In the early years he cheered them on as Scott played football and Shauna dedicated herself to ballet. As adults, he proudly watched as they found their place in the world, supporting them every step of the way. His family and close network meant the world to him: Sharon, Scott, Shauna, Tracie, Steve H, Sue, Mike, Steve W, Bobbie – cousins, nieces, nephews, friends – you all know who you are.

Dave loved his job of over 30 years and provided for his family generously. As the President of First Security Corporation Capital Markets, he served on countless national boards and looked for ways to expand business. He had an incessant thirst for knowledge, was well-read, and thought “outside the box.” After retirement he then served on the local UBS board for over 13 years. 

Even during COVID confinement, Dave focused on the joy of outside visits and Zoom gatherings. Memories and love continued to be shared from 6 feet apart. Not even a pandemic could stop the Renaissance Man.