Margaret Ann Chase Dreyfous

September 13, 2021 - September 13, 2021
Margaret Ann Chase Dreyfous
Service Date:
Thursday, September 16, 2021 10:00 AM
Service Location:

St James Episcopal Church

Salt Lake City, Utah—Margaret Ann Chase Dreyfous left us on September 8th surrounded by 96 years of memories spanning four generations of family. She was enveloped by the love she nurtured, cultivated and radiates and was able to say goodbye to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who will miss her dearly. Margaret and her sister Mary Chase were born and raised in Utah by two loving parents, Dr Phillips Chase and Elizabeth Young Chase. She was married to Jules S Dreyfous on December 30 ,1953.

Affectionately known as Peg, Grandpeg, Geeps and ultimately "GP" by generations of relatives, neighbors and friends. She was full of good humor, sage advice and a longing to be remembered as a friend and someone who always cared for others more than herself.

She was a matriarch of the highest order. An amazing mother, astonishing grandmother and magical great-grandmother. She always greeted each of us with a" well well well" or "hello hello" and a warm embrace. She always bid you farewell with a "love love"

We will remember her in flowers; particularly roses and peonies. In birds; most notably by hummingbirds and Lazuli buntings. And in rituals and holidays most especially at Christmas, Birthdays, and Thanksgiving. Peg embodied the promise of spring and the twinkling of tinsel. Her Christmas tree was carefully curated by color and the stories behind each meticulously hung ornament, she set a memorable table, and made the best Eggs Benedict and variations of birthday MaryAnne cakes that always were polished off with a resounding round of her signature family " It Is Somebody's Birthday" Song.

Peg left behind her best friend and beloved daughter, Susan Farbman and son, roommate and confidant James Dreyfous and her devoted dapper French bulldog Oliver. Her son John Dreyfous, who disappeared in the mid 1980s, was with her in spirit every step of the way, every day.

Her great joys were six grandchildren Allison Kulmer , Alec Farbman, Chase Dreyfous, Brooke Dreyfous Peel, McKarah Dreyfous and John "Jake" Dreyfous. They will miss their conversations about her love of life, commitment to knowledge and special care for nature and wild things. She was always interested in learning and discussing politics.

She adored and was often astonished by her four great grandchildren Isabella Kulmer, Ava Kulmer, her namesake Margaret "Maggie "Chase Peel and her youngest William Peel, but also often lamented the world they have inherited.

Peg was a lover of the Utah Symphony, Ballet and Opera, a ferocious defender of the First Amendment and our constitution, Greenpeace, Earthjustice, Sierra Club, Common Cause and reproductive freedoms. An avid reader she frequently recommended books and articles from Harpers and The New Yorker. She graduated from the University of Utah in 1946 with a degree in history having pursued a chemistry major but was advised by her Dean that she, as a woman, would only be washing Petri dishes and test tubes. She was president of her sorority, Pi Phi.

She loved our country and the Great State of Utah. Moonlit mountains, desert spring, fresh snowfall and Albion Basin wildflowers always delighted her.

She never took the blessings of her home and gardens for granted and shared them with book clubs, study clubs, the Town Club, The Cottonwood Garden Club and friends.

As her health declined, Celeste di Figueiredo became her caregiver and soon became a member of our family and always will be. We also wish to thank Huntsman at Home especially Danielle and Preston.

Our family welcomes your stories and pictures and wishes to remember her well.

We will miss her "more than tongues can tell."

A service will be held at St. James Episcopal Church at 10 am on Thursday Sept 16th.