Louana Christal Wolfgramm

April 6, 1964 - October 26, 2021

Louana Christal Wolfgramm passed on October 27, 2021.  She is loved by many and will be missed.  

Dear Louana Christal Wolfgramm,

I’ve written this letter a million times in my head, But as I write each draft, I realize that there isn’t a letter that would do justice in describing you.  

When I was born, you were a struggling single-mother, giving your all to make ends meet with a dull knife and a plastic spoon, and desperately trying to provide me with a normal life. In spite of your struggles, you never showed it when I was young. As I grew older, I noticed the tears, anger, and resentment you had for this world. You lived an unjustified rough life, and I’m sorry I couldn’t rectify that during the time we had together. Your hands gave me the warm comfort of kindness when I cried, and hard discipline when it was warranted. You fulfilled both roles as mother and father to the best of your abilities, instilling the lessons you learned on your journey through life. You gave your all, everything from my first steps, to basic driving skills, romance, and to stand your ground in the face of injustice. But the most valuable lesson you taught me was to remain humble. Humble in a way where nothing mattered more than kindness.  In return, I taught you to be more emotionally vulnerable. Even when you put up great resistance to the idea, you did it for me. I love you mom.

You and I have spent years enjoying each others’ company. We had it all, good, bad, mundane, and fun. You were the warden of my discipline, the queen of my game in chess and the life of the party during a boring lecture. But most importantly, my best friend since birth. I hope you’re watching me from above, sitting on the lap of your parents.  That you are being warmly embraced by your mother, Emeline Niu (Deceased), while your father, Walter P Wolfgramm (Deceased), wipes your tears away. 

I will continue to walk my own path with the support of our family. I’ll put on a good show, just you wait. I’ll own a piece of America like we always talked about. Be free, float to the places you never got to visit and experience the many cultures you’ve studied while walking to the beat of your own drum and singing in only a way you could. You were so feisty that no one dared cross you, as you protected me. Your fashion and style captured the attention of anyone with only a glimpse. You fought for me, and provided a loving, welcoming home, no matter what you had to do.  

Your free-spirited attitude will always warm my heart in your absence. You were loved by many, and I wish we could've made more memories with them. Learn as much as you can up there because I’ll be right behind you some day. 

Your son, missing you dearly, 

Charles Wolfgramm-Vave 

Cordially, with warm regards,

Predeceased Walter Phillip Wolfgramm (father); Emeline Niu Robinson (mother). Survived by Charles Wolfgramm-Vave (son); Siblings, Sal Jansson, Lanie Cutler, Julie Wolfgramm, Laven Amone, Peter Wolfgramm, Walter Wolfgramm jr., Ahi Pongia, Craig Wolfgramm, Tani McNees, Sione Robinson and Michael Robinson

A Funeral Service will be in our church on Saturday, November 6, 2021 with a viewing from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm with a Bishop Service from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm located at 5200 South Glendon Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Christal will be laid to rest in Redwood Cemetery following funeral services at 3:30 pm, 6500 South Redwood Road, Taylorsville, Utah.

I am still in need of support in laying her to rest. No donation is too small, and I’d be forever grateful for any support.