Antonio Tanner Villarreal

Home: Salt Lake City, Utah
Death Date: January 9, 2017
Birthdate: September 10, 1997
Place Of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah
Service Information: Thursday, January 12, 2017 6:00 PM
Service Location: Starks Funeral Parlor 3651 South 900 East Salt Lake City UT

Antonio Tanner Villarreal + Enlarge Antonio took his last flight as he flew out of this world on Monday morning after a short battle with RSV and an even longer battle with CHARGE syndrome. Nothing could keep Antonio down, though. Antonio's thirst for life was unparalleled. He spent much of his time participating in activities that no doctor thought possible for him. He wanted to do anything and everything, and his family made it all happen. Some of Antonio's favorite times were when he rode bikes with his father, much of the time sitting forward and grinning as the air rushed against his face. It wasn't long before they became one of the best father-son teams and were participating in marathons. Antonio even learned to paraglide, and it was his dream to one day learn to surf and swim, all of which we know he has already mastered on the other side. Antonio loved spending time with his mother, his ultimate princess, who made it possible for him to see the world in all the ways she could. Together, they showed people that love has no boundaries and that you can do anything as long as you have each other. Their love will last for eternity as it was too big for just one lifetime. Quintin, was not only Antonio's Brother but best friend as well. Even as young children, they bonded quickly and that bond only grew stronger as they got older. Quintin was Antonio's hero every day. You could see Antonio's love and admiration for his brother written in his eyes when he asked for Quintin, or when he begged for Quintin to come home from school early to play. Antonio built special relationships with everyone around him, but one of those that he treasured most dearly was the relationship he had with his aunt Vanessa. He spent many hours devising a master plan on how to visit Vanessa any hour of the day... or night. Vanessa held a special place in his heart, just as he held a special place in hers.
In Antonio's short time in this world, he touched so many hearts and inspired so many people. Everyone he met learned something from him. Whether it was as simple as a few words in sign language or as momentous as how to live life to its fullest, he was a great teacher. His strength and drive were that of legends, and no one was left unaffected by that. We will miss his humor, his good spirits, and most of all, his love. A special "thank you" to Antonio's nurses, teachers, and medical staff. Without you, Antonio could not have lived life to the extent that he did.
Antonio is survived by his father, Victor; his mother, Erica; and his brother, Quintin. He is also survived by grandparents (Imelda, Ramiro, and Alan), his aunts (Vanessa, Leslie, Kristie, Sandra, MaKeisha, SharRon, and Heather), his uncles (Robert, Evan, Roger, Patrick, Elliot, and Mark), and cousins (Alicia, Nika, Kade, and Lucas).

Donation be made in Antonio's name to the CHARGE foundation at


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