An Intimate Sanctuary For You And Your Loved Ones

Central to your experience with us is the ritual of an evening wake. Each wake is tailored to the individual's beliefs and personality. Candles are lit and live music fills the air. Photos and fresh flowers adorn the window sills. We serve gourmet appetizers and wine if you so choose. Our outdoor garden—a natural extension of our living area—is open when possible. Family, friends and guests are encouraged to mingle and connect. Set against an elegant backdrop, we create a meaningful celebration that will be cherished for years to come.
While In Our Care
Before the evening wake, when we receive your loved one, we take care of them immediately. We leave them at peace in our bedroom parlor with their favorite music playing, comforted by pillows and blankets. We welcome the family to make private visits on the day of the service so that during the evening viewing, they are truly ready to receive condolences from their friends and can take the time to connect with others.

Each family inspires us differently and here are just a few of the special touches we can provide:
  • While you are making funeral arrangements with us, we often serve food and drinks because we know you may not have taken the time to eat
  • We deliver all of the flowers and photos from the service to
    your home
  • In inclement weather, we will walk attendees from their cars to the church door with umbrellas
  • At the wake, we offer valet parking, greet guests at the door, and have butlers serving the gourmet refreshments
  • As part of our aftercare program, we stay in touch with the family to comfort you after the service has past
  • You will always be cared for by the owners
Packages & Pricing
Please call us at 801.474.9119 so that we can share our rates with you. We look forward to discussing the many ways your loved one's individuality can influence his or her service.
All of the thoughtful
touches have meant so
much to us. You are a
class act and we are so
grateful we found you.”
– The Bell Family
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