Funeral Services With A Human Touch

So many corporate mortuaries feel cold and impersonal. But at Starks Funeral Parlor, there is a respectful human touch evident throughout your entire experience. From the votive candles and framed photos that grace the service, to the personal items, music and memorial video presented at the wake, each detail is meticulously planned. We pay attention to the special touches so that your experience is personal. And we will be there every step of the way so that your family is safe, comfortable and cared for.

Jason & Shayneh Starks
We met in San Francisco while working at different mortuaries in a variety of capacities and we were drawn to the needs of the bereaved and were struck by how those needs were being managed. We noticed at many mortuaries, there were often two or more viewings occurring simultaneously. Arrows pointed underneath names on marquis in a vain attempt to prevent mourners from commingling..."this way for Suzy, that way for Joe." Once attendees found their line, they signed a book, shook hands, viewed the deceased, and were on their way. So much for comforting the bereaved. But who could blame anyone for not wanting to remain long at a "factory" of viewings?

We also observed that people were increasingly choosing cremation or didn't have a religious affiliation that dictated their ritual. Should they have a graveside gathering, or meet at a favorite restaurant? Should they take the ashes home and have their own memorial later? This reduced funeral directors to providing a mere disposition service. The "body" becomes an incidental detail. People were forgetting that, although the deceased is "not with us anymore", what is left with us here once housed the soul of their loved one.

In light of this, we dedicated ourselves to finding a better way. This search led us to the discovery of how turn-of-the-century funeral parlors satisfied and nurtured the needs of everyone surrounding a death. How traditional wakes allowed families to connect with others, share their grief, and begin to heal. And so our dream began. After our engagement, we moved to Salt Lake City, found an old orchard house, and spent three years living in a tiny apartment above the construction, designing our parlor and imagining innovative ways we would comfort the bereaved once we had finished building a home for them.

Today that dream is a reality. We have created a place for
you to share your loss, begin your healing, and experience
a feeling of peace. >>
You've brought so many family and friends together to share, laugh, eat and pay our love and respect to a man we so loved. We are forever grateful! ”
– The Overman Family
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