Colton J. Poulsen

Home: West Jordan, Utah
Death Date: June 20, 2017
Birthdate: November 2, 1994
Place Of Birth: West Jordan, Utah
Service Information: Saturday, July 1, 2017 6:00 PM
Service Location: Starks Funeral Parlor, 3651 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Colton J. Poulsen + Enlarge

Colton "Onlysin" Christenson was born November 2, 1994 and passed away from a fatal drug overdose on June 20, 2017 at age 22 in West Jordan, Utah. Colton battled with his addiction for 2 years fighting to gain long term sobriety but in the end addiction won. Although he battled with addiction he was not defined by it. Colton was an amazing artist in every aspect of the word. He rapped about real life and mastered writing and producing his own music and artwork and was a beast when it came to skateboarding. He was very passionate about the things he loved from a very young age and never gave up on the things he started. His friends would call him an inspiration, a light in the darkness, and someone they all looked up to. Colton was always the life of the party, the person that would do anything and everything for his friends and family, he could make anyone laugh with his crazy on the spot raps and his hilarious outlook on life. While Colton was in recovery he worked as a mentor in Huntington Beach, California. Colton wasn't like most kids, he was never a follower he paved his own way in life and didn't care if he didn't follow the norm. Most days you could find Colton on the couch watching anime or up in his room making music.

Not only is Colton loved by everyone he touched and an amazing artist he was also a father to a beautiful baby boy named Miloh. Miloh and Colton had a one of a kind relationship it didn't matter how much time they spent apart as soon as Miloh would hear his "Dadees" voice he would wake up from a dead sleep knowing his dadee was home.

Colton also left behind his Mom Amanda Jo Glenn. Amanda and Colton fell in love at first sight. From day one Colton was attached to his mommy in a way that words cannot explain. Nobody understood Colton the way his mom did and Amanda will never love another man the way she loved her Spike.

Coltons Dad Timothy Glenn was the one man Colton looked up to. They had a lot of special times together but one in particular was the family vacation to Disneyland. Colton had never been out of Utah before and always wanted to visit this magical place. Colton's dad made this dream a reality for Colton and will hold Colton and their many memories close to his heart. Colton loved his dad so much and couldn't have asked for a better role model.

 Tiandra Jo Medina was Colton's Big Sissy, Colton always followed her around and looked up to her. When Tiandra and Colton were kids they did everything together from blanket forts in the middle of the night to picking cherries off the cherry tree. They were like the brother and sister version of Bonnie and Clyde, always having each other's backs and pushing each other to be the best they could be in life.

Colton's baby sister Ariana KaySim Claxton always looked up to Colton and his ability to touch so many lives with his music. Ariana's Favorite past time with Colton is sitting in his room watching him produce his music. Being a part of this process was something that inspired Ariana to be the fearless and unique young woman she is today.

Colton and his cousin Stephanie Marrie Newbury had a special bond from the time they where very young. They were very close in age and enjoyed a lot of the same things. When Stephanie and Colton were growing up they always found ways to get into some kind of trouble together and had fun doing it. Stephanie's greatest memory with Colton was the day Colton's son was born. Colton was so excited and nervous to be a dad and cried on Stephanie's shoulder for comfort and support. Growing up Stephanie and Colton understood each other in good times and bad, even when others couldn't. Stephanie will forever hold on to her best friend and look to the sky whenever she needs a smile or motivation to continue on her journey to a clean and sober lifestyle.

In Colton's short 22 years he was able to experience love twice. While both are a huge part of Colton's life, one woman stood out above the rest, Cyndi Lee Moeung. She was Colton's first love. 10 years ago, Colton met this beautiful girl and swept her off her feet. Colton was her first kiss and her first love. Colton never stopped loving her as time went on, even when they went their separate ways. Colton and Cyndi loved each other in ways that most haven't experienced in their entire life time. Cyndi will hold Colton near to her heart for as long as she lives and has given Colton a part of her that no one else can every take away.

He also had the pleasure of loving the mother of his child, Shyann Hazuda. She had a special bond with Colton. They brought a beautiful baby boy into this world together, and have been able to make so many memories together. Shyann remembers one time in particular that Colton wrote and sang a song for her called Longing. Shyann felt safe with Colton and is so grateful to have been able to help leave a piece of Colton in this world. There is nothing greater than the bond you get when making life and that's what these two had.

There as so many more people and loved ones that Colton touched in his short time here on earth and he will be missed by so many friends, family, loved ones, and fans. Shine bright Colton "OnlySin" Christenson, watch over all of us until we can meet again.

Colton is preceded in death by his Great Grandparents, Edward & Florance Morris and his Grandfather Thomas Newbury. 

He is survived by his son Miloh Glenn "LoLo'; Grandmother Ellen Kay Newbury; parents, Amanda Jo and Timothy Brian Glenn; siblings, Breezie Poulsen Liskey, Gary Poulsen Jr., Tiandra Jo Medina, Devin Simmons, Kyla Mathipannha, Ariana K'Sim Claxton, Riley Star Newbury, Dakota Teddy Claxton, and Elijah Edward Claxton; niece Aleyah Emilia Cumpa; aunts and uncles, Jeff Newbury, Kim and Jim Darlington, Jamie Khan and Tim Liepold, David Nelson, and Emily Ann Newbury; cousins, Marty, Anthoney, Shalyn, Jessica, Aaron, and Stephanie; great aunt Pat Mckaig and her family; Colton's first love Cyndi Moeung; and Colton's child's mother Shyann Hazuda.  

A celebration of Colton's life will be held on July 1, 2017 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at Starks Funeral Parlor, 3651 South 900 East, Salt Lake City. Guests are encouraged to use the complimentary valet parking on the north side of the building. 




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