Aaron Tyler Davis

April 27, 1970 - January 17, 2019

Devoted Father Lived Every Moment for His Kids
On January 17, 2019, two beautiful and beloved children lost their sweet father. Aaron Tyler Davis was the kind of father that cannot be measured by the days of his life alone. Instead, he is remembered and celebrated as an incredible artist, a gifted marketing executive, an unfailingly generous friend, and the valiant soul who alchemized suffering into gold. He was able to miraculously transform his own difficult life into pure love and gentleness for his children.
Because of his unfailing support and tenderness, Aaron is survived by both London Madison and Tyler Christian. He loved them more than anything in this world and was so proud of both of them. And they knew all day, every day, that he loved them “no matter what.”
Aaron is also survived by his younger brother, Jeremy, and his little sisters, Robyn and Amy.
Aaron was most at home in the mountains, the ocean, swimming pools, lakes. He survived rattlesnakes, wolves, jellyfish, bears, advertising executives, sand traps, and even endured a couple of pesky cats for a few years. He also loved many a dog openly, especially his Uncle Bryan’s dog, Bella, and took all of life in stride.
His smile was easy and bright. He could raise his eyebrows that one certain way of his and you couldn’t help but laugh. He came to every softball game, every soccer game, bought the dress for every dance, whittled the backyard into a paradise, dragged the trampoline through the snow in the middle of the night so you would know that Santa delivered it personally, cooked the best chicken, kept everything organized and clean, always dressed beautifully and had the most gorgeous, soft curled hair that you were not allowed to touch once it was in place for the day.
Aaron believed in making great first impressions, long showers, shined shoes, a well-placed cuss word and buttered popcorn. He also believed that children deserved happiness and safety. He created a better world for London and Tyler; every mess was a free-wheeling party to be savored, every clean-up at the end of the day a ritual of devotion. He looked at you with eyes the color of a sunlit ocean. Every cuddle was sacred, and his every breath whistled a snoozy lullaby.
Aaron seemed to know how to fix anything. He built his first home and second home himself. He managed a garage full of tools and numerous technologies. He could golf better than you, he could fly airplanes, he would have been cloned by NASA had they known him. He always helped you wash off the chlorine and sunscreen at the end of a long summer day.
He was the best father, the best friend, the bravest man. We are so grateful that he knows he is loved endlessly. Always and forever. Aaron, we love you, no matter what.
Arrangements entrusted to Starks Funeral Parlor. Please share your photos and memories with the family and view a tribute video slideshow at www.starksfuneral.com.