Delores Jean Youssi

December 3, 1927 - April 16, 2019

Delores died on April 16, 2019 of causes incident to age. In other words, her old body just gave out on her, piece by piece, even though her indomitable spirit endured to the end. She was 91, at peace with the world and ready to meet her maker.

Mom was born and raised on a farm in North Dakota. Her maiden name was Flinn and she was mighty proud to be Irish. Becoming a nurse was her dream and in a 40 year career she worked in hospitals and clinics across the country.

Mom raised and is survived by two daughters, Kristi (Jeff) Oritt and Kathi (Sam) Cohen. She is also survived by five grandkids and two great grandkids, the youngest of whom she met only days before she died.

Mom is preceded in death by her husband, Fred, who was the great love of her life, her parents and three of her four siblings. Only one of the tribe, Nancy (Lin) Taylor, remains and she carries on the legacy of strong will and abiding kindness.

The family wishes to thank the great staff at Brookdale Senior Living where Mom resided for the past five years. It is not possible to make a comprehensive list of the many people who made her life warmer, happier and truly meaningful. Not only aides but kitchen staff and servers, maintenance people, activities coordinators. You all made such a difference and your actions and gestures will not be forgotten.

Two names stand out to me at the time: Nilsa, you showed Mom what it is to love with joy and abandon; and Gloria, your great gift of a room with a view made her last few days bearable.

The James Taylor song, Shower the People You Love With Love, kept running through my mind during Mom’s last two days. You all showed us the true meaning of the lyrics - thank you! And for those who were turned away because we were “busy” please know that your presence was felt and if Mom had had an ounce of energy to spare she would have gladly seen you and given you a big hug.

Mom and Fred weren’t fans of the funeral and wanted us to carry on with no fuss and no mourning. They would like for you to remember them while camping, hiking or sitting by a fire. Or, just listening to the birds and watching the grass grow.

In lieu of flowers, please donate time or money to a place or organization that helps the less fortunate.