Bill Wood

November 7, 1934 - May 1, 2019

‘Wild’ Bill Wood was born on November 7th “the Day of Discovery”. Those born on that day are primed for adventure and Bill certainly was. He had a desire to explore, investigate, and was curious about everything. He was open to experimentation and liked a challenge. So rather than get stuck in a regular job or redundant social routine he crafted his own philosophy of life.

Bill was a hiker, a biker, a skier and a kayaker. He admired vintage sports cars and even collected a few. He mastered throwing a frisbee and enjoyed the game because there were no official rules. He loved the Sawtooth Valley in Idaho, the deserts of southern Utah and the wonder of India. He walked on the easy side, the wild side but preferred the road less traveled.

He loved music, art, history and swing dancing on the deck. He went from “Percy Faith to Pink Floyd” and never looked back.

He has been a pilot, a businessman, a barn builder, a cowboy and a hippie but preferred just being himself.

He claimed a style all of his own. You could find him in a tuxedo or moccasins, a cowboy shirt or Indian Kurta, or any combination of stylish wares. And of course there were all of those hats. He was a collector and a saver.

Bill liked to have fun and was entertaining and charming but gave his true affections to very few.

Bill and Cydney had a 34 year love affair and between them shared 3 children and 6 grandchildren. As a father Bill was the master of ‘alternative parenting’. There were few rules and boatloads of free agency; instead his guidance came in the form of strategic introductions to experiences and people that he found valuable. He expressed his love with long deep hugs and a willing ear to listen followed by honest opinion and wisdom.

Bill was a, generous, loving, entertaining, and decidedly unique grandfather.

Missing him are John Wood, Paul Wood, Rainey Storer, Jan Wood, Patti Wood and Kent Storer; Lauren Wood, Jesse Wood, Nathan Wood, Shae Lynn Wood, Wyatt Storer and Blaze Storer; and all of his extended family and friends. Bill was laid to rest without ceremony.

Travel safely on your new adventure my love, you will always be a part of who we are and fill our hearts with great joy.

Said the river: “Imagine everything and then keep going”