Garth (Arny) Wheeler

August 2, 1937 - August 1, 2020
Known to many as Arn, Arny, Arnold, Papa, Daddy, Pop, and Grumps. This marks the finale, the end, of a "Giant of love". It's a hard STOP to a beautiful life well lived, leaving us to grieve and celebrate the passing. Our Hearts are filled with gratitude and broken at the same time. The legacy  lives on through three Children, Karla Odell & husband Bob, Jeff Wheeler & wife Becki, Suzy Wheeler Mang, the Grands, Kelly Dehaan & wife Shellie, Jeffrey Wheeler & wife Kristi, Lindsay Wheeler, Carly Mang & sweetheart Kade, Cassandra Mang and the Greats, Xander, Cailia, Presli, Tayson, and Camryn Wheeler, Tanner, Tate, Jack and Sam Dehaan, Sister, Sharol Wheeler Burnam and of course his many fur babies!
Papa, daddy, pop, oh father of mine, my heart is filled with gratitude and broken at the same time💔
Your struggle was real at the end and I prayed and meditated daily for your safe passage; to fly with the Angels, meet grandma and grandpa Wheeler "the Brothers" Grandma Clara and Joffer. The pain is gone, and you've moved on, with use of both of your hands and that strong powerful compact body. That vessel that hiked for miles up and down the Pistons, long walks with Lil Bear (4 miles just a month or so ago). From the rivers of west Yellowstone, and Montecristo, to the Uinta's, the Sawtooth's and Canyon lands.
Catching rainbow trout, cutthroat and natives in the beautiful mountains that surround us, gathering small stones, sticks and wildflowers with mother nature's permission. That is always where you were most at home. You would drum up a fire, stream side and cook up fresh trout for a respite. You towed Jeff and I along teaching us to fish the infamous "fishing holes", in the eddy that swirled, the pool that gathered under a small waterfall and near the shaded water under the brush. Through the river beds the swamplands and the willows you would instruct.
Watching the powerful lightning storms and rain coming down protected from under the porch in North Ogden you taught to respect the mother in all her glory!
From the time I was a little girl I remember you showing me the rolling rocks that lived under the stream beds, the water skeeters as they skated smoothly across-the rivers, streams, lakes and "cricks as we say in Utah".
You spoke of the the seed pods and how, many, would hitch hike on your sock to find their way to higher ground nestling down into the warm earth so they could spring up, reach for the sun, grow and perpetuate once again. You spoke of the crickets that would sing me to sleep at night rubbing their legs together like a violin and how YOUR LITTLE GIRLS VOICE was just as important as any MANS. Yes, and how I could do anything if I set my mind to it and worked hard enough.
You provided me ballet lessons, and we shared a love of the ballet, classical music and enjoyed many live performances together.
The stories could go on forever....
My love of nature was instilled in me at a very young age by you Papa! From the mountains to the red rock canyons.
I love you so much and it makes me smile from ear to ear and my heart fills with love when I think of the generous kind hearted man you were; selfless with your time, your last dime, and sharing the many trinkets and treasures you would find from your trips to the thrift store. Always discovering the sparkling gems amongst the rubble.
The family song circles were some of my favorite memories, singing; lemon tree, the long black veil, simple melody, please Release me let me go, Tom Dooley and so many others... this is where I learned I had a voice and that I could sing and although my range is small, I've grown to have a BIG loud inner voice that resonates inside of me. I remember the brother's guitars, your gut bucket and all of us gleefully singing with rosy cheeks in a circle of smoke LOL😂.
Oh YES you offered the kind of love, that some, only dream of.
How lucky we were to have you for 83 years! Today is your birthday.
I bid you farewell ole man but am certain we will meet again. For I will hear you in the wind I will feel you in the thunder and lightning that crashes down upon this earth, I will see you in the reflection on the lake and in the calm part of the river. I will feel you as a trout quickens through the pools in the water and see you as the snake slithers over the rocks.
Departing one day early, you were finished, bypassing the celebration of life that we had planned for you.
You are the patriarch of our little family that began to grow and spread to your Grandchildren; Jeffery, Lindsay, Carly and Cassie then expanding out, adding Zander Kalia, Peanut, Tayson and Rinn! How the children loved you and called upon you for the yodele yo, the tickles, kisses and snuggles, along with Christmas and birthday cards filled with cash, that could only be delivered by GRUMPS!! From Springtime gatherings, summer barbecues, Halloween trick or treats, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations you were always there to watch the kids play, gather their treats and wake up with hair tussled and sleep in your eyes, FAR TO see what Santa had brought by.
I can't forget your grand dogs; you've had so many. What a way you have with animals. Max, Rosebud, Mickey, Sammy, Champ 1 & 2, Doogen, Odin, Louis Buffy, Hans, Chevis, Ivan. All the Kitty Cyats! Nika, the wicked Toodles, Mr.Kitty, Miss Kitty, Leo, Lola, the appaloosa; Cody and quarter horse Nubins and the list goes on and on.... Snarf , Teela the Bird, and Johan. I hope I haven’t forgotten any of those beautiful animals who adored you. Yes it's true that everybody wanted to gather around you for you resonated, love compassion and fun!
Yesterday marks the finale, the end of “a GIANT of love”. It's a hard STOP to the beautiful life you've led. The laughter, the crude jokes, all the barking spiders, the strong body that had grown frail and your family to grieve and celebrate your passing.
This Morning after the dust settled to a certain degree, I could feel your presence and I woke with a smile and a blazing heart knowing that you were in a better place…Your legacy lives on through each of us DaddyO... love always Sku Bug, Suzy, Susan Ann Wheeler & let me not forget Swinelda