Patricia Elise Van Riper

October 8, 1948 - February 29, 2020

Trisha was a much-loved daughter, sister, auntie, nana and a trusted and treasured friend.

She was also a garden-planting, food-canning, rule-enforcing mom to three sons  - who all grew up to reflect her tremendous work ethic, her sharp sense of humor and her love of family.

Trisha was not afraid of a challenge, and took on many throughout her life.

She was a waitress, a caterer, and co-owner of a small restaurant. She trained as a volunteer paramedic and picked lettuce fields one summer as a seasonal worker.

She was a classroom assistant to children with special needs, and a customer service specialist for Mervyn’s department store.

For the past 13 years, Trisha worked (and lived) at Friendship Manor, planning and serving meals as well as providing support and genuine caring for the many people

whose lives she touched during her time there. She was funny and crabby and liked her reputation as a hard worker. She did not appreciate slackers.

She liked to read and watch the food channel and she had a real weakness for nice jackets and beautiful boots.

She rode horses and Harleys and she made good salsa and she loved to eat expensive cheese. 

Trisha was preceded in death by her parents Jack and Claire Berry, her sister Suzanne Knudsen and her son Kristopher Shepherd.

She is survived by her sisters Leslie Siemer and Tracy Nelson, her brother John Berry lll, sons Marc Van Riper and Aaron Van Riper;

her daughters in law Sharon Van Riper and Andrea Shepherd and her grandchildren Andrew Shepherd, Audrey Shepherd, Jillian Van Riper, Ian Van Riper and Jon Van Riper.

In lieu of flowers, Trisha’s family encourages a donation to your local homeless shelter.